Take a look at our schedule, fees and registration process. We'd be glad to answer any questions you had about the curriculum, dates available, or requirements. We've also compiled FAQ of odds and ends things past participants have asked about the program.

The instructional format is flexible and tailored according to your interests and goals. However, it is strongly encouraged to enroll for at least four weeks. If you have special circumstances that do not allow you to stay for a full four-week cycle please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or e-mail.

You will need to select the clinical areas of concentration you are interested in prior to your arrival. An individual learning program and itinerary will then be designed taking into account your stated preferences.

There are some important dates to take into consideration when planning your trip:

April 25th is Cacha's county celebration
June 21st is this year's Incan Inti Raymi celebration.

These are usually fun celebrations, and a good way to get a feel of the local culture and people.

These are the current enrollment dates for 2014 & 2015:

Dates 2014 Dates 2015
Jan 6 to Jan 31 Jan 5 to Jan 30
Feb 3 to Feb 28 Feb 2 to Feb 27
March 3 to March 28 March 2 to March 27
March 31 to April 25 March 30 to April 24
April 28 to May 2 OFF April 27 to May 1 OFF
May 5 to May 30 May 4 to May 29
June 2 to June 27 June 1 to June 26
June 30 July 4 OFF June 29 July 3 OFF
July 7 to Aug 1 July 6 to July 31
Aug 4 to Aug 29 Aug 3 to Aug 28
Sep 1 to Sep 26 Aug 31 to Sep 25
Sep 29 to Oct 24 Sep 28 to Oct 23
Oct 27 to Oct 31 OFF Oct 26 to Oct 30 OFF
Nov 3 to Nov 28 Nov 2 to Nov 27
Dec 1 to Dec 26 Nov 30 to Dec 25
  Dec 28 to Jan 1 OFF

Please check the Ecuador holiday calendar 2014 to schedule your trip.

Please check the Ecuador holiday calendar 2015 to schedule your trip.