Take a look at our schedule, fees and registration process. We'd be glad to answer any questions you had about the curriculum, dates available, or requirements. We've also compiled FAQ of odds and ends things past participants have asked about the program.

Please let us know in your registration application your areas of interest, your priorities and your previous language learning experiences.



  • Prerequisites:
    * Health Professional or currently enrolled in a health professional school.
    * Must be 21 or older.
    * Minimum of 3 years of high school Spanish or 2 semesters of university Spanish.
    * A commitment to master Medical Spanish.
    * A love for other cultures.
    * Basic clinical knowledge is helpful but not required
    * Must complete registration form and release form with all details so that it may be processed.




STEP 1: Please complete the Registration Form (online). Let us know in your registration application your areas of interest, your priorities and your previous language learning experiences. 

Click here: **2014 & 2015 Online Registration Form**


STEP 2: After completing the online registration, please submit $150.00. This amount will be part of the total payment. Make check payable to CACHAMSI, INC and mail to: Cachamsi, Inc Youens and Duchicela Clinic 402 Youens Drive Weimar, TX 78962


NOTE: Complete payment should be received one month prior to departure.



STEP 3: Complete and send the following:


  • a. Your signed Release Form. Click here: Cachamsi Release Form

  • b. Dean / Program Director letter stating you are a student, resident or faculty in good standing

  • c. Your picture (passport sized picture). If you are a physician or heath professional in a private practice, please send a copy of your professional license.


(Please send these documents via e-mail to:jduchicela@ydclinic.com)  





STEP 4: Read our updated orientation guide that contains all info available on the website, plus information about activities in and around Riobamba - Orientation Guide




STEP 5: Please take a look at the Checklist for suggestions on what to bring.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure your passport is current. If your passport is to expire within 6 month of your travel date, the airline will not let you board the plane. This is unique to Ecuador and a few other countries, so make sure your passport does not expire within this 6 month window.  

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSURANCE It is also recommended you purchase a supplemental overseas insurance policy. We endorse no insurance provider, but the University of Texas, Austin has a useful page that has links to insurance carriers and information: Go to the UT Austin Study Abroad Insurance Page