Jorge Duchicela, M.D., founder of the program, was born in Ecuador and grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He received his medical degree from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in 1984. He is a board certified Family Medicine physician. Dr. Duchicela has a Certificate of Added Qualification in Geriatric Medicine and is an Associate Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. Dr. Duchicela has been in private practice for twenty one years and is co-founder of the Youens and Duchicela Clinic in Weimar, Texas. The Youens and Duchicela Clinic serves a patient population of approximately 12,000 of several surrounding communities/towns in south central Texas.


Lic. Pablo Martínez

Main Contact

Jorge Duchicela, M.D.
402 Youens Drive
Weimar, Texas 78962
Phone: (979) 725-8545
Cell: (979) 561-6319

Curriculum Vitae for download

Ecuadorian Contact and Cachamsi Office Address:

Lic. Pablo Martínez
Coordinator of Cachamsi in Ecuador
Cellular: 011 593 988725259 (claro) 011 593 987667034 (movistar)
Office: 011 593 3 296 1599


Juan de la Valle 16-21 y Esmeraldas
(One block behind from Mercado de la Condamine )
Riobamba, Ecuador
South America




Dr. Gonzalo Edmundo Bonilla Pulgar

Chief of Graduate and Undergraduate Education Hospital Policlinico General


Dr. Amparo Amoroso Moya

Chief of Graduate and Undergraduate Education Hospital del Seguro (IESS)




Rincon Aleman Hostel

Mrs. Rosita Torres, Administrator
Arupos del Norte Remigio Romero y Alfredo Pareja
Mz. H Casa #9
Riobamba, Ecuador
Phone: 011 593 3 260 3540