What to bring:

  Below is just a general checklist, and is by no means exhaustive. In terms of clothing, just one or two pairs of "clinical dress attire" is appropriate (tie and slacks for men, and dress skirt or slacks for women). Often, dress in clinical situations is informal and jeans and a white coat is all that is needed. In Cacha, students should dress as they would if they were going on a hike: sneakers, jeans/shorts, and sweatshirts you don't mind getting a little dusty.

High priority
Personal Care
Clothes Goodwill Articles
Passport / Passport copy, Driver's license or license copy Shampoo, Conditioner Sweaters, Shirts Pharmaceutical freebies: pens, penlights, CME cd's, booklets, etc.
Spanish / English pocket dictionary Soap, Hair dryer Quick dry shorts or pants Stethoscopes/Blood pressure cufts
Travel Book (ex: Lonely Planet) Toothbrush, Toothpaste Jeans/Shorts Hospital surgical supplies: gloves, sutures, masks, surgical instruments
Hand Sanitizer Sunglasses/Sunblock, Bug spray Under garments Medical textbooks, Magazines
Long sleeve shirts / Tie Razors Rain jacket Laptops, Palms, Flash Memory
Dress Shoes Bathing suit Exercise T-shirts Cameras, Disposable cameras
White coat / stethoscope / penlight / otoscope Makeup Warm-up pants  
Nalgene water bottle
(but there is plenty of bottled water to buy when you get there)
Face Wash Scarf / Gloves  
  Feminine Hygiene Products Tennis, Shower shoes (sandals)  
  Deodorant Hat  
  Immodium AD, Peptobismol,Tylenol Slacks or Skirt (khaki, black)  
  Portable Alarm Clock Sleeveless shirts